Why our cesspoll fills up quickly

Why our cesspoll fills up quickly

At  Αποφράξεις Πειραιά we have the right equipment to drain any cesspool quick and clean. But there is a variety of reasons in our question about, why our cesspoll fills up quickly. We know that this is something that can bother you in many ways. You may have noticed lately that the cesspool of your residence is filling at a faster rate, compared to the past. What is the cause of the problem and what is the appropriate solution?

The cause that cistern fills up quickly

Initially, the septic tank is a tank in which wastewater decomposes and becomes water, that is absorbed by the soil. But why does the cesspool fill up so fast? Many absorption pits lose their absorbency over the periods. And the reason for this; It is the concentration of puri on the walls of the pit that seals it. This translates into reducing its absorbency and filling it quickly. Frequent evacuation of a septic tank causes disturbance and odor in the area. This problem, as time goes by, worsens even more and the solution must be drastic!

Methods we can use to deal with the problem

There are many ways to deal with a rapidly filling septic tank. Below we have gathered the basic methods, in order to find the one that best suits your space.

Use of biological or chemical fluid

This method is simple, but needs to be applied frequently to the plumbing system to solve the problem. You apply a chemical or biological liquid that removes the cigar from the walls and the bottom of the filling pit, while its absorption is partially restored.

The cleaning of the septic tank is done by the fermentation caused by the preparations in the waste, at the same time reducing the stench. The total cost depends on the absorbency and the age of the septic tank. This method is the most economical and the most immediate in dealing with the problem, but with frequent use of the preparations every few months.

Sewer cleaning and maintenance

With proper and professional drainage maintenance at regular intervals, the tartar will have no time to accumulate on the walls of the septic tank and thus its operation will be effective in the long run, without problems.

Sealing of the septic tank

With this solution the pit will not be filled with rainwater. This way it will not be filled with water even when the aquifer rises from the weather. For this method to work, it must first be preceded by a professional septic tank cleaning and then reinforced with special concrete. The cost is high and depends mainly on the size of the pit, but the results are permanent.

Conversion of the septic tank into a biological wastewater treatment plant

This solution is the most costly, but you will never need sewer maintenance again! By converting a septic tank to an organic one, the stench as well as the possibility of calling a tank to empty the septic tank effectively disappears. The same goes for chemical and biological preparations, which you will not need to reuse! Its cost depends on the number of people who will use it, while the water produced can be used for underground watering of plants.

Have in mind that the number of options that you have is quite big. But only one of them is the right one for your problem. So go on and call for a professional. He is the right person for your situation. After the inspection of your cesspool system, he will determine the problem and solve it. Also, he haw the right equipment and knownledge that is necessary The options are many, but only one will be ideal for you!



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