Where to eat and drink in Santorini

Where to eat and drink in Santorini

Where to eat and drink in Santorini

Santorini Santorini car rentalis one of the most famous islands in the whole world and thousands of tourists visit her annually. It is truly an island with a lot of options as far as activities are concerned and it can cover any taste, from the entertainement of children to teenagers and adults!

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In order to visit all of these amazing places though, you are probably going to need a vehicle. If you are planning to stay more than 4 days in the island, you need a car. The access to the beaches and taverns is not easy if you do not have a rental car, as the bus routes are distant.

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Red bicycle(Kokkino podilato)

On the beautiful balcony of Oia with the amazing view, which is unique to the whole world, you can enjoy Greek cuisine with traditional flavors. The most beautiful balcony of the Aegean is “hung” amphitheatrically and it can literally enchant you, so much that you feel like you are in paradise.

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It is claimed to have the best view in the world, overlooking the caldera of Fira and the dormant volcano of Santorini. The decoration of the tavern and the classical music complete the puzzle, the noble staff with the immediate service and the list with the signature dishes of the chef Gika Xenakis make it necessary to visit the red bicycle when you are coming to the island.

With the help of the ingredients of the dishes that are produced on the island and the rest of Greece, you will enjoy recipes that will travel you back to your childhood of you are from Greece and they will amaze the foreign tourists. A romantic dinner is worth being performed there, with the signature of the warm hospitality of the owner Haras Kourtis.

It also offers a variety of wines and the prices are not too expensive as you will probably pay from 50 to 80 euros per person.

Giorgaros tavern

Giorgaros is a Traditional Greek Fish Tavern overlooking the Caldera Sea in Akrotiri village, just a few meters away from the Lighthouse of the island in Santorini Greece, and the beautiful sunset. The history of the tavern is going back to three generations as Grandpa Giorgaros started the business and he is now trying to put hos grandchildren in it too. Here is the story of the tavern:

Grandpa Giorgaros went fishing with his sons and now the tradition continues from the sons with his grandchildren to have fresh fish, live lobsters,  small shrimps and more in their fish tavern every day. The mother, Maria, cooks the fish that father Andreas and his son George bring to her, such as lobster spaghetti, shrimp pasta, fava,fry, smelt, eggplants, zucchini from Santorini, fresh french fries and many more!

The daughters of the family,  Anthoula, Charoula and Roussa will gladly serve you and give you information not only about fishing and the fish of the island, but also about the history of Santorini. Inside the tavern, you will see the first boat with which grandfather Giorgaros was fishing, as well as tails of skates, dogfish, pins, shells, sponges and more.

The tavern overlooks the caldera with the wonderful and famous sunset of Santorini, which can be seen from the inside and outside of the fish tavern. You have to go and eat there when you are visiting Santorini!

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Ammoudi Bay

Ammoudi bay is a wonderful region right under Oia. It is a bay and not a beach but this does not mean that you cannot swim there but it is mostly known for its taverns and great food choices. Here are a few great restaurants that we would suggest:


One of the best taverns in the island, Dimitris tavern is located right across the little fishing boats. It is guaranteed that you will eat fresh fish, delicious fava, squids, fish-balls with a white sauce onion and coriander. Its dishes will amaze you and the calming view of the sea is what you need after a bath at the sea.

The prices are very low as you can eat with 15 euros per person and you are also going to enjoy the wines, cold beers and refreshments in a hot summer noon.

Kiria Katina

Another traditional tavern in Ammoudi, where you can find traditional dishes such as fava, eggplant, tarama and octopus. You will definitely enjoy the hospitality of the people working there as well as the well done fish and sea food! You should also try the tomato-balls that are a traditional dish of Santorini!

With even lower prices, in the tavern of Miss Katina, you will eat sufficiently with prices starting from 12 euros per person!

Have a great vacation in Santorini!

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