What you should know about one night stand as a woman

What you should know about one night stand as a woman

One night stand is an interesting and fun experience only if you are mentally and physically prepared for it, Athens Escorts say. If you are thinking of trying out a one night stand it is important to prepare as best you can before you get into practice.

Obviously, protection is everything but it is not the only thing you need to make sure it works. Before that, there are some things you need to know that generally characterize overnight sex, so that you have a complete view of what you plan to do and not regret it later.

Sex will not necessarily be good

There is a misconception that sex in a one night stand is super-duper wow. There is a lot of passion, intensity and bed. The one night stand does not necessarily mean good sex. It has to do with the person you choose or happen to do and how much chemistry and comfort you will be able to get in those few hours you get close. Generally, overnight sex is basically full of awkward and awkward moments.

The guy may not be honest with his previous sex life

Apparently in order to purify you, he is most likely to hide from you that in the past you had many sexual partners at the same time and that he has also had an STD. How will you know that? You will not know it, you will just rely on his good and sincere intentions. That’s why in overnight sex, protection is more necessary than ever. It will not give you a sexual history either, so you have to protect yourself and keep your eyes peeled.

He will not pay attention to details

It does not matter to him if you are perfectly shaved everywhere, if your underwear fits and if you have stretch marks / cellulite. It is very specific what he wants from you and to get it, he will turn a blind eye to everything. Therefore, if you really want it, stop worrying about the insignificant. The “job” as it is, will be done.

He will certainly brag to his friends

Oh yes, do not tell me you did not expect it. The next day he talks to his friends, he will make sure to talk about the chick he threw and they had sex one night and maybe reveal all the hot details. He will do this because he has nothing to do with you and he does not respect you as much as he would respect his girlfriend who would like to protect him in a similar case.

 Yes, sex can be emotional

Especially if you are not sober, the phase can become very strange. You can do and say things that you would not otherwise do or say. In fact, you will go through many different stages of emotions – from guilt to frustration and from pleasure to embarrassment. Okay, nothing is running. It is as if you will remember what you did the next day.

It can end up being Friends with benefits

If you both enjoyed it and matched sexually, why not? As long as you commit to each other that once in a while you will just be there to have sex and up there. Now whether or not there will be exclusivity is up to you (usually there is). Set fairly clear boundaries in what kind of relationship you will have in order not to end up a normal couple.

He may judge you badly

Yes, they do. It may not turn out the way you would like it to and neither of you might like it, so you may not even complete the act. In this case, because we are talking about assholes, he will try to throw the responsibility on you and possibly reduce you and make you feel bad, that it is your fault that the phase did not go well. Just pack your things and don’t worry, it’s not worth it.

The next morning might be a little awkward

And this if you have spent the whole night together and you have slept together. This is generally a good idea to avoid. That is, to leave immediately after you finish sex. As long as you can escape from a situation like this, it would be good to do so. If you do sleep and wake up together, you will have many emotions and most of the time not beautiful.

The only thing that is appreciated by all men because whether you believe it or not, big breasts sometimes spoil them! So if you apply your humor then you will most likely achieve a lot!

So you wake up after a night of passion, next to an almost unknown and the only memory you have is a … blur! Laugh and do as much humor as you can! Getting up in a panic and starting to look for your clothes whispering how big a mistake you made was to make him look hysterical and immature. Something that is neither sexy nor charming.



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