The ultimate guide to Luxurious lamb suede bags and embossed python leather handbags

The ultimate guide to Luxurious lamb suede bags and embossed python leather handbags

Have you ever wondered why exactly designer handbags (γυναικείες τσάντες) have that extra magical feel that instantly make you feel like you’re literally a celeb hotshot? I can answer that for you! It’s because the raw materials that you feel brush against your skin are pure, luxurious and top quality.

Let’s get into it:

I know it might sound a little bizarre to you, but think about it, as soon as your sense of touch feels a high end, top quality handbag like ours at 4Bag you just feel extra luxurious. That luxurious feeling happens because we use the finest materials for both the lamb suede and the embossed python cow leather. In my opinion lamb suede and cows leather are ultimate luxury!

Genuine leather is one of the most expensive and luxurious materials that you can find, that being said 4Bag’s choices of leather is one of the best. The python embossed cow leather is specially imported from Italy-yip, the country known to have the finest leather!

Let’s talk python cow leather:

The cow’s leather is embossed with a stunning python print created by super skilled and prestigious tannery that creates the most gorgeous yet natural prints. 4Bag handbags are amazing because one of their main values is to only use by-product leathers. They are not sourced directly through intentionally killing any animals. This is super important to me because this is one of my personal values as well.

Let’s talk leather hacks and care:

Now that you have an idea of how incredible the python embossed cow leather is, let’s get into the fun part where we talk leather care tips and hacks for your 4Bag handbag.

At some point in your life you will find yourself with a dirty handbag, don’t stress I’ve been there plenty of times! I got some great cleaning tips and hacks for you that will make life so much easier.

“The general rule is to clean out your bag out every week or two. If you follow this rule you won’t really have any serious handbag dilemmas. Wipe down your handbag every couple of days with a soft, dry cloth. You want to use a soft dry cloth because this will help your leather last way longer than if you use a wet cloth. Wetting the cloth is a bad idea because in time your leather might fade and become a bit dull. Do not ever, I repeat DO NOT EVER use any sort of detergent or soap on your python cow leather, this will just end up a hot mess over time.”

There are some pretty cool oils on the market for leather, such as neatsfoot oil. These oils are awesome to condition your designer handbags every month or so to help keep it looking good. I suggest you get some and use it every now and again to keep leather looking fresh and new.

To keep my handbags dust free I usually stash them in dust bags or pillow cases and I make sure to air them out often. Putting in some stuffing or plastic packets in my handbags is something I am so guilty of doing because I have a serious fear of my handbags losing their shape, and I must say that this really helps!

A cool idea to get rid of funky smells in your luxury handbag (γυναικείες τσάντες) is to place a dry teabag in your handbag. The teabag will absorb the bad odours and leave you with a pleasant smell instead.

Let’s talk Lamb suede:

Lamb suede is something that is really not easily sourced, but 4Bag still manages to master the task and get the best for its consumers.

I think the choice to include lamb suede to the collection is downright brilliance! The collection as we’re aware of is super glamorous and luxurious and adding lamb suede makes it even more unique.  The artisans prevail in making all of us gorgeous ladies stand out and look even more gorgeous, and for that I am ever grateful.

The lamb suede used is imported from China, India and Australia. These are the three countries that are known to have the finest quality sheep worldwide. 4Bag proves it over and over again that to be one of the best handbag manufacturers, you definitely need to push the boundaries and make sure that the best products are put on the market.

There aren’t a lot of companies who care about animal abuse and as I’ve mentioned earlier, I admire that 4Bag has a zero tolerance policy towards animal cruelty.

Let’s talk lamb suede hacks and care:

Like everything in life, the more you care for and look after something the longer it will last. Lamb suede is definitely a delicate material and has to be looked after with great care. Nothing can compare to the annoyance felt once suede is ruined. So what exactly should you do when in a suede dilemma? Read on!

Who said erasers should be confined to just your pencil case?

No one did, which is why I always grab an eraser when I notice a bit of dirt or stains on my lamb suede handbag. The technique is so simple, just erase over the part that is messed up and you will notice the stain slowly fade away.

Invest in suede protector products and use as prescribed on packaging. We often don’t realize the importance of caring for our items, and yeah sure wear and tear is a thing but prevention is key!

Do not use soap and water on suede as this will ruin it forever. There is no coming back from this mega mistake. You will have to probably pray for a miracle and wish upon your lucky stars to fix this mistake. So, just don’t ever use soap and water.

Try working with a dry cloth and rub it on the surface of the bag in a gentle yet firm manner. This is a great method you can use to remove everyday dust that accumulates on your handbag. Do this every 2nd or 3rd week for great results.

In conclusion:

4Bag is an amazing brand that uses great quality and luxurious lamb suede and python cow leather for each of their handbags. Caring for these handbags is extremely easy and totally manageable. I LOVE IT!”

You can partake in the greatness by investing in one and having the ultimate wardrobe change. Choose between the chic lamb suede bag and the classy python cow leather handbag (γυναικείες τσάντες), whichever you decide to pick I can guarantee that you will look ravishing regardless.

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