Types of web hosting you should know

Types of web hosting you should know

Whether you have a small blog, or a popular blog, or a website for your business, or you are having problems with the web hosting company you are in now, the biggest mistake you can make is to buy a web hosting plan without to have done the necessary study first. Each company provides different packages, different technical support and has its pros and cons.

Types of web hosting available

The first thing you need to know about web hosting packages is the different types that exist. Shared Hosting is different, Managed WordPress is different, VPS servers are different and Dedicated packages are different. Each package serves a specific purpose, so in order to be able to choose the right hosting package, you will first need to know the available types of packages that exist and for which websites each one is.

Shared Hosting packages

Shared hosting packages are ideal for small websites and blogs that do not have enough people and do not require enough resources from a server to run. In a shared hosting package, there are several websites running on the same server. This means that if you are preparing to create a new website, or you have one that does not have enough people, then you can safely proceed to a shared hosting package and in the future upgrade your package, if shared hosting no longer meets your needs.

Since shared hosting packages host several websites at the same time, this means that your website shares all the resources of a server, with hundreds of other websites – at the same time. Since this is the case, most shared hosting packages do not provide the speed, performance and security that a VPS or Dedicated server provides.

If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. Finally, many companies offer great packages for shared hosting, as if you buy for a whole year, they often give you a domain name for free.

VPS Hosting

VPS servers (Virtual Private Server) are the ideal solution between shared hosting and Dedicated server packages. When you host your website on a VPS server, it means that the website is running on virtual machines , which means that it operates as a standalone dedicated server. Simply put, a VPS server is divided into several other virtual servers and shared by multiple websites at the same time.

The good thing about VPS servers is that you can upgrade specific parts of them as your website grows and traffic increases. For example, if you have a VPS server with 2GB of RAM, 100GB of monthly bandwidth (traffic) and 20GB of capacity and you want to upgrade it, you can increase each piece and see how much more the monthly cost will increase.

VPS servers should definitely include SSDs drives for higher speeds and performance, as well as various services and tools to keep them up to date, add new stuff and so on. Depending on your company and needs, a VPS server often comes with a user interface, such as cPanel or Plesk.

Dedicated Hosting

Finally, we have dedicated hosting, which is for websites with hundreds of thousands of visits daily or monthly. Dedicated servers provide greater security, tremendous speed and performance, and tools or features that other web hosting packages do not have.

When your website runs on a dedicated server, it means that at the same time you have access to all the features and tools of the server and you control it completely. You do not share dedicated servers with other clients, but you can have multiple websites of your own within a dedicated server. Since you have access to the entire server, it is often your responsibility or management of server security and optimization.

Since we are talking about big websites here, you should remember that dedicated servers are not cheap at all. Since they include state-of-the-art hardware, managed services and incredible technical support from companies, they are of course much more expensive than the classic shared and VPS hosting packages.

Specify the type of website you are preparing to build or transfer

It is quite important to determine the type of website you have. Some web hosting companies promote and focus more on eCommerce =while others focus more on blogging and SEO. Often, they provide ready-made web hosting which are fully optimized for eCommerce, CMS platforms like WordPress and so on.

For bloggers: WordPress Managed Hosting

With WordPress dominating a huge part of the internet, you will quickly realize that most web hosting companies provide optimized packages exclusively for web pages running on WordPress. In other words, the well-known WordPress Managed packages.

This means that if you go for a WordPress Managed package, once you purchase the hosting package WordPress will be automatically installed on it and will already be configured and optimized to run perfectly with the CMS platform.

For online stores: eCommerce Hosting

Just like with WordPress Managed packages, eCommerce hosting focuses on users who want to host their online stores in optimized packages.

Since we live in an age where online sales have surpassed those of local stores, it is important that your online store runs on a fast and optimized server that provides great security and online payment services.

For online portfolios and resumes: Site Builders and WordPress

If you are planning to create a website from which to promote your work or you want to create a complete resume site, then things change a lot. While the best option here is to go for an affordable shared hosting package and build your website with WordPress, there are also site builders who can be quite comfortable with what you need.

Personal websites and blogs: Cheap packages, reliable company

Choose an affordable web hosting package from a reputable web hosting company. Here, you are definitely looking for a shared hosting package, which often if you pay for a whole year, the company will give you a free domain name, as well as a discount because you pay for a whole year.

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