Quick Bites: Cottage Cheese Brown Rice Kugel

Quick Bites: Cottage Cheese Brown Rice Kugel

How does a Vietnamese girl end up making a kugel variant?! Well it all starts with an unnatural binge on cottage cheese and a desperate craving for something sweet.

I’ve been mowing through quarts and quarts of cottage cheese. I normally have cottage cheese with a salt and tons of pepper on potatoes, with crackers, in tuna salad, etc. But I was getting slightly bored with those applications so I went to my food sites to see how other people were spicing up their cottage cheese.

Over and over again I saw people putting sugar/Splenda and cinnamon on their cottage cheese. At first I was a bit repelled but as the idea simmered in the back of my brain… it started to sound… not *too* bad.

And after tasting it, it really reminded me of maple syrup & brown sugar oatmeal! So this has become a great quickie breakfast treat for the winter for me.

*I know this is not a real kugel. I’m pretty sure this is no where close to a real kugel. I realize this is a kugel about 5 times removed from kugels. But I just like saying and writing the word kugel – it’s fun, you should try it!

Cottage Cheese Borwn rice Kugel – weird but pretty damn good!

Brown Rice Kugel

1/2 cup cooked brown rice (I cook min with a little bit of butter and salt)

1/4 cup cottage cheese

1 – 2 tsp sugar (more or less to taste but I like mine sweet)

1 tsp cinnamon (you really can’t use too much of this)

Layer ingredients with brown rice on the bottom, cottage cheese, sugar and fianlly with cinnamon on top. Mix or not – just dig in and enjoy.

In the comments section, let me know how you eat your cottage cheese!

~it’s always good with cheese~

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