New Tantric Sex Techniques

New Tantric Sex Techniques

One of the most fundamental keys to good love making is for both partners to make time for each other each week. The free ones can also date with escort or escorts and have sex in more sophisticated way.

Make it quality time, not just something you try to squeeze into your hectic schedule, because then over time you will start to resent that time you have set side. Make it at least an hour of more of uninterrupted time each week. You will not gain the benefits of love making and Tantric sex if the stability of your relationship with your partner is not made into a priority.

You must create an inviting atmosphere. It does not need to be the bedroom, but rather a very special place where you can both escape from the rest of the world and focus on each other without the normal distractions of the world. Relax with your partner and allow yourself to be brought into the moment.

Use what you need to in order to create the right atmosphere – candles, flowers, erotica art, special finger foods, tantalizing aromas, all of this can help transform your chosen environment into a temple of sexual delight. Even an act as simple as dimming the lights and playing some soft, perhaps even erotic music will help to create that desired welcoming environment.

How you dress is important. Wear something sexy, something provocative, or wear nothing at all. Experiment in this area to find out what helps you feel as sexy as possible as well as what excites your partner the most.

Tantric Intimacy Exercises

Your journey into the exciting area of Tantric sex begins with ritual. This does not need to be elaborate but rather perhaps something as simple as feeding each other finger foods or sharing a glass of good wine in the nude. If you have a hot tub or spa, many couple find this the best place to start this journey.

Wash each other gently and with loving care. Water relaxes the body and is also a classic symbol of sexuality. Many couples also find that gently massaging each other can be a superb way to attune your energies to the same frequency.

Remember, the idea here is to create a sense of love and cherishment towards your partner that they can feel. Read poetry to each other, dance with each other, play with each other, listen to music – you are working to develop a new level of intimacy with your partner. Also use this time to communicate with your partner to let them know they are loved and cherished.

The goal here is to fully focus on each other, and although this is difficult for many to believe and achieve, the ultimate goal is not sex, not at this point.

Granted, sex will come, and it will be better than it has ever been for you in the past without these rituals, but that explosion into ecstasy comes as a natural part AFTER you and your partner have gotten onto the same frequency and wavelength.

Many couples find that experimenting in perfecting this aspect of it and foregoing sexual intercourse is a great way to strengthen the bonds of love and bring passion to a new and higher level.

Try to harmonize and coordinate your breathing with your partner. Chances are that the only time you ever consciously thought about breathing is when you had trouble doing it, but conscious breathing can be a powerful aid to sexual growth, according to sex therapist Marty Klein, Ph.D of Palo Alto, California. Another benefit of breathing exercises is that it can also quiet the mind and help you focus on your partner (escort or escorts).

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