How to style an oversized jacket

How to style an oversized jacket

Oversized jackets are now an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe with an updated style, γυναικεία ρούχα. They are a loan from the men’s wardrobe and have become synonymous with sophisticated relaxation, especially when combined in suits. The style icons and updated fashionistas of the time have embraced the trend thanks to the drastic contribution of influential brands and designers such as Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Maison Margiela, Raf Simons.

Their passage, therefore, through the catwalks, secured them a “certificate” of high aesthetics and style, gave them excellent qualities and brought them as a proposal to the styling that has nothing to do strictly with pants or only for a specific occasion. You will see oversized blazers worn with satin or sequined dresses, or as dresses, with jeans and trousers, with skirts in any length, over bralettes and crop tops, with shirts or t-shirts, with shorts and shorts, even and with overalls. A baggy jacket looks, in short, compatible with many, different sets, can become part of the wardrobe of people with different styles, and obviously, is not aimed at specific ages.

The secret to wearing an oversized blazer elegantly

A wide jacket can be easy to wear and flexible in styling, however its application hides a small pitfall: it looks too sloppy and ungrateful on you. Simply put, it is not at all difficult to “swallow” you. For this reason, fashion experts have to offer valuable tips such as that of celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly, responsible for the looks of Hailey Bieber and Meghan Fox suggests that we keep one of the pieces in set fitted to maintain balance in the outfit. “Keep the shirt tight from the inside of the jacket or something else in the outfit, so that you can somehow distinguish your body. Personally, I prefer the combination of a wide jacket, wide pants and a fitted crop top.”

Another tip that will help you stay elegant with an oversized blazer is to invest in good quality fabrics, which in addition to durability and durability in the garment, will also highlight its application. It should look quite boxy, because this line will make you look unpretentiously elegant and at the same time The right choice really has to do with the dimensions, the material and the construction of the jacket around the shoulders, but also with whether the garment hangs or falls on the body. If it is wide enough, but the quality is good, it will fall cast around the body in a very flattering way.

It’s time to find the coat that will suit you all winter. Choosing a coat is an investment. So you want something that is timeless to stay in your wardrobe and make you white-faced every time you wear it. The ideal would be to save money and get a good wool coat that will last you at least 4-5 years. The cost is high but our habit of buying a coat of 70 euros every year that has dissolved at the end of winter, is a bigger waste. Our mothers knew something that they bought a few good pieces, that they still wear and we make fun of them every year they put them on and put them on again.

To choose your coat, you need to pay attention to three things: length, color and composition.


As we mentioned in a previous post, ankle-length coats are a big trend this year. Practically, however, they will not suit you so much. In terms of length, it would be better to choose midi and not maxi so as not to sweep the sidewalks and not get caught in the car door. The length of a midi coat usually reaches to the middle of the calf or covers the knee and 1/3 of the remaining leg. If you finally choose a long coat it will be for specific appearances, you will find out for yourself.


The black coat is something I think should be in every closet. You can throw it on top of any outfit and keep your head calm. Most likely you already have one in your collection, so this year you will add a little more colorful. So dare to choose a coat in millenial pink (pastel pink) or baby blue (light blue). If these colors seem too much to you, then I have two other options for you. Feather gray and camel are classic choices, which however will brighten and give color to your winter style.


Regarding the composition, make sure you find a coat with at least 60% wool to make it worth the money and keep you warm. The truth is that he wants a little attention on the sleeves as due to friction they make knots. But it is so warm and comfortable that you will get over it. You can also deal with it with an anti-pilling machine that cuts the knots without damaging the clothes.


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