6 ways to unblock wells and pipelines

6 ways to unblock wells and pipelines

Well blockage Apofraxeis Argyroupoliis a very common phenomenon that we are called upon to deal with. The main well of the building’s sewer system is mostly blocked because all the sewage from the bathrooms and kitchens ends up there.

The use of laundry detergents, soaps, hairs, small objects, food, grease and various other things, every day ends up in the central well, which in turn leads them to the central sewerage network of the Municipality.

Unblocking the well or otherwise cleaning the central sewer is considered necessary for the proper operation of your sewer system.

Locking the well directly and economically

Our company has a huge experience since 1973 in the blockage of a well of all types. Relieving you of many undesirable consequences such as overflow, flooding of basements and seals, intense stench, etc.

The blockage of the wells is unfortunately a fairly common phenomenon, especially in Athens and all of Attica that we are called upon to provide a solution.

The way a well is blocked varies depending on the general condition of the well and the nature of the problem. We have the most modern well blocking machines, which allow us to offer permanent and guaranteed solutions.

To block clogged wells in Athens, call Apofraxeis Argyroupoli. We directly and very financially serve apartment buildings, detached houses, schools, municipalities, factories, industries, local authorities, shops and hospitals with friendly and efficient service 24 hours a day.

1. Why is the main well of the building clogged?

Frequent use of laundry detergents, soaps, food scraps, cooking grease, paper, small items and hair are the most common causes of a well blockage. All the above create the so-called “cigar”, which in turn blocks the central well of the building day by day.

With time and frequent use, the well will need to be blocked to avoid the risk of flooding or other unpleasant conditions.

We provide high level blocking services with responsibility and reliability.

We come directly to your place for checking pipes with a camera:

  • effective blockage of sewers with water intrusion
  • pumping water from flooded areas
  • blockages of wells of all types
  • for blockage of gutters (vertical or horizontal).

We also specialize in kitchen sink blockage, toilet bowl blockage, bathroom sink blockages. Which often plague households, bathroom blockages and clogged siphons with permanent and lasting results.

2. What procedure is followed to block the wells?

Our company comes to your place for the on-site diagnosis of the problem. With the use of very high pressure water pressures and the use of a telescopic blockage camera, if required, we finally solve the problem of blocking your sewers, since we find the root of the problem.

3. Need to clean the well and drain?

No, it is not necessary. Of course, for more permanent and effective cleaning, it is recommended to clean the central sewer of the building, after the complete blockage and cleaning of the well.

4. The sewer smells strong, what can I do?

If you have a problem with unpleasant odours coming from the wells of your building, it means that your drains need further inspection.

This may be due to a problem with the computer (odour trap) or a gradual blockage of your pipes from cigars and other inorganic materials. Call us for a valid diagnosis and check of your drains before it’s too late.

5. What are the ways to block a well?

For well-bore blockages we use various methods depending on the case, the nature and severity of the problem, the condition of your sewers, etc. Some of the well-bore blocking methods are:

Flushing a well using a pressurizer from a very high pressure water jet, which launches water inside the well. In this way objects are removed and the cigar that clogs the duct without causing damage to the walls of the duct.

Steel well blocking is a classic but very effective way to block a clogged well. Steel is a metal and elastic tool that penetrates the well and unblocks the duct from objects and rubbish that have closed the passage.

Blockage of a well using a telescopic blocking camera that we drive with remote control in your drains so that we can see with our own eyes the root of the problem and proceed directly to the use of the appropriate method of blocking the well.

6. Why choose Apofraxeis Argyroupoli for unblocking?

Well blockages are not a simple matter, as long as they are done correctly and with a permanent result. They require knowledge, extensive experience and the use of special modern machines.

Locking all types of wells is our speciality. We have reliable and certified German machines and excellently trained personnel that can guarantee the excellent and guaranteed result.

Unblocking by experts

With experience since 1973 in thousands of well blockages in the area of ​​Athens and Attica, you can feel and be safe for the final solution to all your sewer problems.

Monthly well maintenance

We undertake with responsibility and very economical prices the maintenance of the sewers and wells of your building, so that you can get rid of all the problems of clogged wells and pipelines.

Economical unblocking

We not only offer the most reliable and efficient fridge-blocking services – apofraxeis Argyroupoi – of all types, but we also have the most economical prices on the market with full consistency of words and deeds. We have commercial vehicles with yellow plates and certification from the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works.

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